Essential surfskate tricks and maneuvers

Essential surfskate tricks and maneuvers

Surfskating, the street-based cousin of surfing, brings the rhythm and flow of riding a wave straight to the asphalt. Whether you’re a seasoned surfer looking for dry-land practice, or a newbie entranced by the graceful arcs and swoops of experienced riders, learning essential surfskate tricks and maneuvers is a thrilling journey. From foundational moves like balance and pumping, to flashy feats such as the Bert Slide and the 360°, each trick unfolds a new layer of connection between rider and board.

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Stabilizing body on a surfskate, often stationary or slow-moving, mastering weight distribution and foot positioning.


Generating momentum without foot pushing, using body weight shifting and board turning.


Creating initial momentum by pushing off the ground with one foot while the other stays on the board.


Techniques to safely stop the surfskate, such as foot braking, carving or powersliding.

Running start

Building momentum by running before jumping onto the moving surfskate.


Shifting weight to turn the board, imitating the sweeping motion of a surfboard on water.

Bottom Turn

Mimicking a surfing move, initiating a sharp turn at the bottom of a wave or slope.


A sharp turn towards the breaking wave's direction, a move borrowed from surfing.

Roundhouse Cutback

A full, round turn that ends in the direction it started, essentially a more extreme cutback.


Fast, sharp turn usually at the top of a wave or slope, sliding the tail around.

Infinity Loop

A continuous flowing movement that resembles the infinity symbol, combining carving and pumping.


Leaning back while turning, often putting a hand on the ground for balance and control.

Bert Slide

A 360-degree spinning trick involving placing one hand on the ground and sweeping the board around.


A half spin trick, turning the surfskate 180 degrees to ride backwards momentarily.


A full spin trick, spinning the surfskate around 360 degrees.

Manual (balance on two wheels)

Balancing on the back two wheels of the surfskate while it's moving.

Bowl tricks

Bowl pumping

Maintaining momentum in a bowl or half-pipe through weight shifting, eliminating the need for foot pushing.


The technique of entering a bowl or ramp by dropping in from the edge, a common starting move.

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