Collection: Grasp Surfskate

Grasp Surfskate from South Korea, founded by surfer and entrepreneur Kyungmin Kim, specializes in unique surfskate trucks. The Grasp truck combines the diagonal tilting of a swingarm type truck (like Carver C7, YOW, SmoothStar) with the stability, ease of maintenance, durability of a bushing type truck (like kingpin trucks, Carver CX). See a comparison of swingarm and bushing trucks here.

In 2019, Kim conceived an idea for a new surfskate truck. He quit his decade-long job and enrolled in a technical school to acquire the necessary skills in design and metalworking. His goal was to translate his ideas into a physical product.

The first prototype was developed in 2020, and after a year of testing and refining, the 23rd (and current) design was finalized, symbolizing Grasp’s commitment to quality and innovation.

Grasp also makes complete surfskates, with decks handmade by 2B Craft, a longboard producer in Korea.