Tom with his surfskate

My name is Tom and my passion for surfskate inspired me to create Icewaves – Nordic Surfskate & Freeskates.

My journey with board sports started with skateboarding in my teens, which I took up again in my twenties. But I discovered surfskate in a surf shop in Sagres, Portugal. I loved the combination of skateboarding and wave surfing, so I immediately purchased a beginner’s surfskate board (a Decathlon Carve 540) upon my return to Stockholm.

The best part about surfskate is that it’s so versatile – I can have a great time on a flat surface (e.g. going to the grocery store) or an action thrilled day in the skatepark.

I currently ride a SmoothStar 34″ Filipe Toledo #77. I also am completely smitten with the Korean Grasp trucks, and I enjoy experimenting with different setups, including mounting surfskate trucks on my Pennyboard replica.

However, the sport of surfskate was relatively unknown in the Nordics when I started. There was a Facebook group for Surfskate in Sweden, but none for my city, so I started Surfskate Stockholm.

It was difficult to find the best surfskate gear at home, and I also wanted to connect with the global surfskate community. This led me to starting Icewaves.

With Icewaves, I want to focus on innovators and brands that are driving the evolution of surfskate. I want to help them build their brand and find an audience. By doing so, I hope to play a part in the growth of surfskate in the Nordics and beyond.

Every time I step on my surfskate board, it brings me so much joy and energy! And through Icewaves, I hope to share this passion with others.