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Surfskate Love (USA)

Surfskate Love Wheels

Surfskate Love Wheels

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Surfskate Love is the brainchild of Steve Palmer in Utah, USA. It’s a website that helps people learn about surfskating, gives tips to pick the best surfskate, and shows everyone how fun surfskate can be.

The Surfskate Love wheels are created by Steve Palmer together with Gavin Conti, who have significant experience and passion for skating, specifically long distance and surfskate styles. Gavin has a particular focus on wheels, their shapes, designs, and how they contribute to the overall skating experience.

The wheels are a result of extensive research and prototyping, focusing on the urethane formula and the precise specifications for a surfskate application.
  • The wheels are currently the only ones specifically designed for surfskating, with good roll speed and durability.
  • The wheels’ core placement, lip shape, chamfer design, and contact patch have been carefully considered for optimal grip, durability, and resistance to wear and tear.
  • The wheels are made in collaboration with a leading urethane manufacturer in the United States to achieve a product with high quality, smoothness, grip, speed, and durability.


There are two different diameters:
  • 65 mm: for more aggressive styles, such as parks and bowls, or snappy slidey styles. Width: 49 mm. Contact Patch: 46 mm.
  • 70 mm: for more cruising, rougher roads or longer rides, as they decelerate slower and roll for longer. Width: 52 mm. Contact Patch: 48 mm.
and three durometers (hardness levels):
  • 78a: softer, grippier, for tight carving
  • 81a: the in-between
  • 83a: harder, more prone to sliding and better for parks and bowls (note: only available in 65 mm diameter)

Tech specs

  • Material: Urethane (polyurethane)
  • Formula: Flothane™
  • Core Position: Offset
  • Lip Profile: Radiused

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