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Abian Skateboards (Spain)

Abian Belharra Pro Surfskate 32"

Abian Belharra Pro Surfskate 32"

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Abian Skateboards opened their workshop in Basque Country, Spain, in 2017. The founders are two nature-loving surf enthusiasts who have been crafting wood surfboards since 2006.

The Belharra Pro 32" is a surfskate with great technical features, specially designed for endless slopes, with a wide deck and a more pronounced concaveness, a higher tail and nose where you can comfortably place your feet. Its 18” wheelbase allows for a greater turning radius, making them more open and less radical and with greater curvature. Its design is inspired by an old school skateboard.


  • Size: 32" x 10" x 18"
  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • Trucks: Abian Pro
  • Wheels: 65 x 51mm 78a
  • Concaveness: High
  • Bearings: Abec 9
  • Axles: 149 mm 90 AA
  • Deck: 6 sheets of 1.5 mm birch, 2 sheets of 1 mm smoked eucalyptus and maple

Abian Pro trucks

This surfskate board is equipped with the Abian Pro trucks system, a highly responsive and exceptionally manoeuvrable swingarm truck setup. It’s designed to deliver an optimal surfing experience on concrete, making it the definitive surfskate. With its rapid pumping action and smooth turning ability, it’s the perfect tool for honing and enhancing your dryland surfing technique.

A unique feature of the Abian Pro system is that you can switch it from surfskate mode to a stiffer longboard/cruise mode.

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