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Qwik Truks (USA)

Qwik Truks Qlik

Qwik Truks Qlik

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What if you could quickly change trucks and deck on your skateboard or surfskate? To adapt between the skatepark and street cruising, in seconds.

Introducing the Qlik System™, a patented quick-release skateboard truck system made in the USA that allows you to swiftly swap trucks or decks.

The Qlik System™ facilitates easy truck/wheel setups swaps, requiring no tools and can be completed in under 10 seconds. Its key feature includes double locking bars that must be pressed simultaneously to release, providing an extra layer of safety.

Worried about the system’s durability? It's made of lightweight, high-strength, aerospace-grade 7075 aluminum alloy, ensuring an exceptional durability. Moreover, your trucks will not fall off when using the Qlik System™ correctly, as proven by our team riders on Instagram.

The Qlik System™ is composed of two parts: Deck Plates and Truck Plates. The Deck Plate hardware attaches to your board and the Truck Plate hardware to your trucks. This ensures a complete and effective quick-release system.

Switching between different skateboarding styles has never been so fast and easy.

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