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Whitetail Skateboards (Canada)

Whitetail TigerShark Surfskate Deck 33"

Whitetail TigerShark Surfskate Deck 33"

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The founder of Whitetail Skateboards, Québec-based Sophie B. Samson, is one of most active people in the global surfskate community. She designs, she builds, she rides, and she inspires other riders.

The TigerShark is the second surfskate of the Whitetail’s Sharks Series, following the popular Whaleshark. The TigerShark deck has been engineered to harmonize technical features tailored to the needs of surfskaters. Its unmatched, skater-oriented performance transcends conventional methods and challenges industry norms, making it a true game-changer for those seeking the ultimate ride.

  • Designed with a wider, non-tapered tail, offering more stability for the back foot across the full width of the board.
  • Better suited for riding bowls, transitions, and pump tracks due to its wider stance at the feet position.
  • Comes with different wheelbase options to accommodate various track systems.
  • Pre-drilled holes for wheelbase adjustment (Remora extension can be added).
  • High-end construction quality and are performance-oriented.
  • Deep concave design and a kicktail with a rocker nose for better foot lock-in.
  • Designed with the aim to offer a seamless integration of technical features for optimal surf skating experience.

Note: deck only, not a complete board.

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